Immigration Law & Civil Litigation

  1. “Why hire an attorney? I can do it myself!”
    On a first glance, the immigration forms seem easy to fill out, but immigration law is very complex and each paragraph of each form has legal consequences. There are cases when a person can fill the forms and file the forms themselves and be successful, no doubt about it. But if you feel that you have the slightest of doubt regarding which status you qualify for and therefore what form should you use or if your application will also determine someone else’s life path, it is strongly advisable to hire an attorney to help you. Filing an application for an immigration status that you may not qualify, with the Immigration authorities, can have serious consequences and can disqualify candidates, otherwise eligible, from benefits that will no longer be available for them for many years or even lose these benefits permanently. Even more dangerous, in the case of any non-citizens, filing the wrong application can expose you to deportation procedures regardless of your personal and professional status or the time that you have been living in the United States.

    Also, never assume that your circumstances are “exactly the same” as another person’s circumstances. They are never the same. Therefore is extremely important that you are very open with your attorney (all your communications with the attorney are confidential) and give the attorney as many details as possible regarding your situation. There might be details that have serious legal consequences that an attorney will know how to handle.

    In the end it is a personal decision whether to hire an attorney or not. But you need to know that your lawful presence in United States is at stake.
  2. How can I afford to pay an attorney?

    Hanea Law Firm LLC has a flexible payment plan for its clients. Since we are working, generally, on flat fees, you will know from the beginning what will be your legal cost. Most of the fee is paid at the time you retain Hanea Law Firm LLC as your legal representative.

    There are three ways our clients can pay for our services that would either reduce their burden to pay up-front or save them money:

    1. Pay with a credit card. We do accept credit card payments (please add 3% to the amount you are paying) and then you can just pay your credit card monthly payments.
    2. Hire the attorney for consultation services, but do most of your work yourself. If you fill out your own forms and hire the attorney to only review your work at an hourly rate, you may save money. However, this type of an arrangement cannot be made for more complex cases.
    3. Ask our attorney if you are eligible for waivers of certain filing fees with the USCIS. If you don’t have to pay a filing fee, you have more funds available for legal advice.