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Immigration Law & Civil Litigation

Our firm engages in the practice of U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law, including all aspects of employment and family-based immigration, as well as citizenship and nationality issues. Our clients consist of companies of all size and their employees, along with individuals seeking immigration support.

At Hanea Law Firm we understand that immigration isn't simply a complex legal journey, but also a deeply personal one. After all, we've been there. Each of our legal professionals has personal experience with the intricacies and challenges of immigration and naturalization law, allowing them to bring a unique measure of insight to the process.

Due to both the relatively small size of our firm and the dedication of our immigration attorneys and staff, we offer an extraordinary high level of personal service and attention to detail. And keeping in mind that time is of the essence when obtaining and maintaining proper immigration status, we also offer a level of responsiveness which is rare in the legal profession.